Unreal Engine supports Vulkan on Android for faster 3D games

One of the new features in Android 7.0 under the hood Nougat is support for Vulkan, a new way for developers to create their (graphics intensive) applications and 3D games faster.

Vulkan on Android

Vulkan on Android

Vulkan is the successor of OpenGL, a list of instructions for developers who can make this graphically excellent games. The advantage of Vulkan is that it is a lot faster and also can use multiple threads, making better use modern processors with multiple cores. This means that games, but also consume the graphical interface of Android apps, or even themselves, less power and can be made even graphic intensive.

With the launch of support for Vulkan for Android in the popular Unreal Engine, developers have more opportunities to bring excellent games to Android. The ‘other’ graphics engine for 3D games, Unity, also now offers support for Vulkan.

The demonstration with commentary from the developers, early this year was first shown at the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Currently, there are only few devices that support Vulkan, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, the Nexus 6P, and Google Nexus 5X Pixel. New Android devices will be provided with support Vulkan, and some older aircraft will be added to supported devices with a software update to the list. Also relate the word find and list best finder words.

If there is no support for Vulkan on a device, Unreal Engine 4:14 will automatically use OpenGL ES as an alternative.

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